Maine 2010

What a journey. It is a long way to Maine from Florida but worth it every year. This year was no exception. Even though the weather didn’t cooperate this year, it was still fun. I always said I would much rather come back from a trip with one really good shot than a dozen mediocre ones.
My wife, two dogs and I headed to the coast of Maine to shoot some lighthouses. I ended up spending more time sight seeing than shooting. The weather forecast was not looking good. I like clouds in the sky when I shoot but not dark, gray and gloomy. I had one morning out of four that I got a little break in the sky. I sat at this location every sunrise and on the 4th day the sky opened up enough to give me this bit of color.
Waiting for the color pop. 
I also decided to take advantage of the gray and gloom. Lighthouses are most helpful to ships in bad weather. Well this evenings shot was one of those the lighthouse guided some fishing boats in. Visibility was bad and the fog was setting in fast. Two trollers came into the bay while I was setting up this shot. The lighthouse was a great sight for them as well as me. This final shot was taken about 50 minutes after sunset.
For once the weatherman got it right. Six days of clouds and rain and at least six more ahead of us. The whole NE was socked in. We spent some time driving around NH, VT and NY. I have to include a shot of “Jessica” – my wife named her. My dogs really wanted to get out of the car and check her out. Didn’t happen.
It was off to Pennsylvania to wait the weather out.


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